If you’re searching for the best civil contractors in Bangalore? Here we have reviewed the list of top building construction contractors in Bangalore based on pricing, reviews, testimonials and more.

Are you looking for the best civil contractors in Bangalore for constructing your dream home? When it comes to building your house from scratch, you would definitely want a civil contractor that is the best in the industry and does not have any negative points. 

With so many civil construction contractors in Bangalore, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. But to help you, we are providing you a list of the top 10 building contractors in Bangalore to make your process of choosing the best one easy and that would help you to build your dream house hassle-free. 

The List of Top 10+ Civil Contractors in Bangalore for 2024

Here we are providing a snippet about the best civil construction companies in Bangalore are CHENNEE Construction, Acme Constructions, 100Pillars, ArchStone Ventures, KK Civil Contractor, Brick & Bolt, Wasat Constructions, Kubhera Infratech, Civil Contractors in Bangalore, Touche Studio.

#1. CHENNEE Construction – Top Rated Civil Construction Company

CHENNEE Civil Contractors

It is a top-rated house construction company in Bangalore that builds your house under your budget after understanding your needs with high-quality materials and services. CHENNEE Architects and Construction company is backed with many positive reviews from past customers because of their great services, timely completion, and building houses with warranty. 

CHENNEE is a one-stop solution for all your needs of construction, from choosing the right material to interiors, you can rely on this best construction company in Bangalore.

Are You Looking For The Best Civil Contractor in Bangalore?

#2. Acme Constructions – Best-in-class Construction Contractor

ACME Building Contractors

Acme Constructions is a leading Civil contractor in Bangalore. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry, and over the years they are offering the best of their services with complete transparency and on-time delivery. They are full-fledged contractors for house construction in Bangalore, you can depend on the company from designing to building. This company focuses on developing buildings in a cost-efficient manner. 

The company is a team of highly skilled people and expertise in residential and commercial projects. The company is known for turning your dream into reality with the best of its efforts and expertise in the field.

#3. 100Pillars – Most Trusted Civil Contractor

100pillars Construction

100Pillars is one of the top civil contractors in Bangalore. The company was found to help people find and live in a perfect house to make everlasting memories. The main goal of the company is turning your dreams into reality.

It specializes in house and commercial construction and offers renovation services also. The company boasts of unparalleled quality with unique designs that lead to unique houses and places to live or work. 

#4. Arch Stone Ventures – Residential Building Contractors

Archstone Ventures

Arch Stone Ventures is one of the best civil contractors in Bangalore, established by a team of young professionals in 2007. The company boasts civil construction and interior designing services in bangalore. The company has a team of experienced builders and dynamic designers who provide their best knowledge to bring your dreams into reality.

With years of operation, the company has completed many projects under various stages of construction. The company is a one-stop solution for all your construction needs, from designing to building.

#5. KK Civil Contractor – Leading Civil Contractor in Bangalore

KK Civil Contractors

It is one of the leading construction companies in Bangalore. With great workmanship, regular supervision, the company continues to offer the best quality houses. There are various projects done by KK Civil Contractors, commercial, residential, and institutional centers. With consistent efforts, providing great results after understanding the requirements of clients, the company has reached heights over the years. 

The company is full of experts and designers, to handle interior-related work in an efficient manner, like wall ceilings, wall color, and paneling works to provide great end results. The integrity, honesty, and teamwork allow the team to accomplish their goals, which have helped them to build a name in the construction industry of Bangalore.

#6. Brick & Bolt – Turnkey Civil Construction Firm

Brick&Bolt Residential Construction

Brick & Bolt is another name in the list of best civil construction contractors in Bangalore. From design to build, everything is taken care by the company to turn your dreams into reality. By choosing this company, make your house construction reliable, affordable and simple.

The best part of the company is they are provide completion of the project on time, otherwise penalty is charged on the contractors. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of Brick & Bolt. 5 years warranty on every project is offered by the company, the reason it is known to be the leading company in Bangalore. Also, they provide 310 quality checks on the project by their senior experts.

#7. Wasat Constructions – Building Consultants & Contractors

Wasat Building Construction

Wasat Constructions is another best construction company in Bangalore. Whether you are looking for constructing a new house or renovating your old house, Wasat is a right place for you. From construction, renovation, landscaping to interiors, everything is done by this civil contractor in Bangalore.

The company offers huge range of services for the house or commercial construction. Every project from Wasat is unique, they use advanced technology to deliver projects on time, more cost-effectively and with great quality of work.

#8. Kubhera Infratech – Building Construction Company

Kubhera Infotech

While you look for best civil contractors near me on google, Kubhera Infratech will there on the list. They offer high-quality and cost-efficient projects on time. All sorts of the project from industrial to commercial to residential is build and renovated by Kubhera Infratech.

The company specialize in Civil, RCC, structural and architectural projects. Kubhera Infratech offers everything that you would need to build your dream house or office. The company has been in working for a long time and since then have completed more than 20+ projects of residential and commercial. Hence, people often call Kubhera Infratech as one of the best renovative firms in Bangalore. 

#9. Civil Contractors in Bangalore – One-stop House Construction Contractors

Civil Contractors in Bangalore

Civil Contractors in Bangalore is a leading house construction company in Bangalore, it offers high quality projects with transparent service and in a cost effective manner. The company provides home construction services like 3D designing, renovation, painting, and interior designing.

A team of experts from the company are specialized in planning, renovating, designing your home from scratch to end. Leading architects and engineers are associated with Civil contractors in Bangalore. With wide experience in the field, they have completed more than 120 projects. Dont wait, start building your dream house with the help of this company. They are best in Turnkey projects. 

#10. Touche Studio – Home Building Construction Contractor

Touche Studio Construction

Touche Studio is a team of skilled labours, architects, interior designers and engineers, who together work to build your dream house. They are experienced in both residential and commercial projects. From architect design to furniture design, Touche studio work on their toes to complete the project on time without compromising on quality

Final Words 

Construction of your house is a complex and crucial process that defines the longevity of the finally structured building. If you want to experience a hassle-free construction process, choose the best-in-class civil contractor in Bangalore from the above-stated list.

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