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CHENNEE Architects and Construction is a recognized growing leader in the real estate and property planners firm in Bangalore. We mainly focus on residential buildings with key resources to build world-class projects innovatively across every major sector. Our main objective is to provide top notch architectural plan, creative construction, classy interior design and refurbishment services.

We have a detailed discussion with our customers to understand their desires, goals and lifestyle to help in designing their dream house. Our experts plan your home, keeping in mind the 7 elements of design like space line, form, etc.

Our primary aim at CHEENEE Architects and Construction is to ensure that we are in sync with nature to create a grandeur that sets your residence apart and reflects your personality.

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Serving Every Customer According to Niche Preferences is Our Key Objective. Check Out Our Recent Customer Success Stories of Shaping Their Passion Exclusively.

The transformation from a traditional structure to an urban classic residence was an ideal blend of contemporary and trendy designs giving a remarkable ideation from CHENNEE property experts.


In every way, CHENNEE Architects and Construction expert’s performance has been amazing. When it comes to material purchases for construction, we appreciate your expertise and attention to our needs, thereby saving us millions!


My family and I couldn't dream of a residence which is so prettily designed. The vibe is & our housing project has the right architecture designed making it so rejuvenating and beautiful. Finally, we enjoy living our dream! Thanks to CHENNE Architects & Construction.

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