If you’re searching for the best architects in Bangalore? Here we have reviewed the list of top architecture firms in Bangalore based on pricing, reviews & testimonials and more.

Whether you want to redo a room or remodel a complete house, hiring a skilled architect is a perfect and sound investment. Finding a good architects in Bangalore for your residential or commercial project that goes with the ideal design and planning of your project can bring your dream come true with their knowledge and expertise. 

But with so many choices out there, it becomes daunting to choose the best architects in Bangalore. So, regarding finding an ideal match for your project, we have compiled a list of the top architectural firms in Bangalore to follow on the search for an architect.

In this article, you will get: 

  • A list of top architects in Bangalore 
  • Things to consider while you choose the best architects in Bangalore. 

The 7 Best Architecture Firms in Bangalore of 2024 (Ranked & Reviewed)

We are going to cover the top architecture companies in Bangalore with their primary services and experience. Here’s a shortlist of the best architects in Bangalore are #1. CHENNEE Architects #2. Ashwin Architects #3. Architects4Design #4. Designqube #5. Design Thoughts #6. A 360 Architects #7. Dzigns.

#1. CHENNEE Architects – Most Trusted Architects in Bangalore

CHENNEE Architects in Bangalore

CHENNEEArchitects is a leading architectural design company that focuses on building residential & commercial projects innovatively and with world-class amenities. 

The main objective of CHENNEE architects is to provide a high-end architectural plan, luxurious interior designing, and innovative residential construction services. 

If you are looking for a one-stop solution, CHENNEE is a great option for your architectural planning, interior designing, and refurbishment services. The company is known to be the best residential architect in Bangalore because of its expertise in residential projects. 

“You can rely on CHENNEE to build a house of your dreams.” 

Scope of Architectural Services

  • Architecture Design for Residential & Commercial
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • 3D Elevation
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • Structural Drawings
  • Civil Drawings
Are You Looking For an Architectural Design Of Your New House?

#2. Ashwin Architects – Reliable Architecture Company

Ashwin Architects

Ashwin Architects was established in 2003 to meet the demands of home architecture and interior designing customers. One of the leading architects in Bangalore who creates projects creatively, healthily and by optimizing the space. 

Since its establishment, the company has completed more than 10 residential and commercial projects. 

The company has expertise in individual houses, bungalows, housing layouts, gated societies, commercial complexes and apartments. 

Scope of Architectural Services

  • Residential Architecture
  • Commercial Architecture
  • Retail Architecture
  • Sustainable Architecture

#3. Architects4Design – Residential Architects in Bangalore


Architects4Design is a group of certified and experienced architects in Bangalore. The company aims to cater to the needs of construction-related needs of clients. 

The company focus on interacting with clients to understand their needs, based on which they offer a conceptual design. 

Being a reputable residential architect in Bangalore, Architects4Design takes up complete architectural consultancy. So it is a one-stop for all who are looking to build or remodel their dream house. 

Starting from construction to interiors, the company offers the best of services. 

The company offers villa, row apartments, structural consultancy, house plans, master planning and more services. 

Scope of Architectural Services

  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Urban Design
  • Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) Design
  • 3D Floor Plan
  • Structural Consultants
  • House Plans

#4. Designqube – Best House Design Architects


Designqube is a leading architectural and interior designing company in Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore. The company comprises a driven team of architects and interiors who understand customers’ needs and then offer a holistic approach to the planning. 

The company offers services for architecture, interior designing, project management and landscape planning. Designqube is a trustworthy home architect in Bangalore; they offer their best service with 100% time and effort. 

The company has an in-house team of experts in project managers, interior designers, 3D visualizers and more. 

Scope of Architectural Services

  • Residential & Commercial Architects
  • Home Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Project Management

#5. Design Thoughts – Creative & Innovative Architecture Firm

Designthoughts Bangalore

Design Thoughts is a top architect in Bangalore and a stop solution for your interior and construction needs. The company provides customized architectural designs keeping in mind the requirements of clients. 

It was found in 2004 to execute the projects from start to finish. With a dedicated team of experts, customer satisfaction is what they have achieved. From the pre-construction stage to the final construction stage, the company is present at every step of the way. 

Scope of Architectural Services

  • Interior & Exterior Design
  • Retail and Commercial Architects
  • Authentic and Smart Designs
  • British Colonial Style Structures
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Contemporary Architecture
  • Traditional Architecture
  • Spanish Colonial Style

#6. A360architects – Best Architect Designers in Bangalore

a360architects in Bangalore

People recognize A360architects as a top-notch architecture company in Bangalore. With a dedicated team of design professionals, the company customizes the designs to meet the customers’ requirements.

The company offers luxury interior design for your home to give it a world-class feel. By focusing on every step of construction, the company ensures every step is taken care of with full dedication and commitment. 

Scope of Architectural Services

  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Modern Home Design
  • Luxury Home Interiors

#7. Dzigns – Reputed Building Architecture Firm


Dzigns architecture and interiors were established in 2001, based in Bangalore. The company works with various organizations, from private clients to corporate projects. 

The company diversifies the work into architectural and interior projects to unique offices. The company’s core team consists of experts, qualified interior designers, architects, and engineers who create the best of architectural projects, civil projects, interiors, and landscapes. 

Dzigns is the best civil architect in Bangalore; they offer perfection with high-quality materials, technical expertise and excellent craftsmanship. 

Scope of Architectural Services

  • Building Design
  • Interior Design
  • Project Management 
  • Residential and Commercial Architects

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Good Architects in Bangalore

Here are golden rules that you must follow to find the best architect for your upcoming project: 

Find an Architect Through a Word of Mouth

One of the best ways to find the best-in-class architect in Bangalore in your area is google search. Also, it is the best way to get recommendations; ask your friends or family about the architects they know and have had a great experience with them since decades of word of mouth. 

→ Find an Architect Who has Great Experience 

It is never recommended to hire the best architect in Bangalore who are new to the industry. An experienced architect will have a committed team of professionals who ensures high quality and great craftsmanship. You can always check the experience of the company by looking at their establishing year. 

→ Choose an Architect Who Takes Care of Your Budget 

Designing your home requires a great chunk of money, overall budget. Unless you have unlimited funds, be sensible in choosing an architect. You need to be upfront with the architect about your budget and ensure they know how much you can spend on your project. And check whether they can design the project under a certain budget. 


We hope the above list of the top 7 architects in Bangalore helps you choose the right architect according to your needs and budget.

Are You Looking For an Architectural Design Of Your New House?

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