Planning to build your new home and looking for a detailed blog to clarify you doubts on cement?

Are you confused which cement is best for house construction?

Cement is one of the essential things in building construction whose selection needs to be done carefully. 

Many manufacturing companies currently offer a wide range of good quality cement for different types of construction work in the marketplace. The presence of so many cement options makes the users need clarification.

To make it convenient for our readers, we have landed here with a detailed guide to the best cement for house construction in 2024. 

Which Cement is Best for House Construction in India?

In this guide, I’ve ranked and reviewed the best cements for house construction to help you weigh which one fits your needs perfectly. Here’s a shortlist of the top 9 cements for construction in India to build your dream home are #1. UltraTech Cement #2. Ambuja Cement #3. ACC Cement #4. Shree Cement #5. Ramco Cement #6. Birla Cement #7. The India Cements Limited #8. Dalmia Bharat Ltd #9. JSW Cement.

#1. UltraTech Cement

UltraTech CementEstablished in 1983, UltraTech is one of the largest manufacturers of gray cement. It is an India-based company owned by the famous Aditya Birla Group. The company is currently in five different countries, including UAE, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Bahrain.

UltraTech is the top cement company that offers high-quality cement, including Portland cement, Portland blast furnace slag cement, Portland pozzolana cement, etc. 

It is a certified company that produces RMC and white cement in the country. The company is currently serving more than 60 million tons of cement annually.

#2. Ambuja Cement

Ambuja CementIt is another India-based best cement brand for house construction cement company formerly known as Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited. It is the top cement company that produces more than 29.65 million tons of cement annually.

The company is working from five different plans along with eight grinding units across the other parts of the country. The company’s main headquarters is in Mumbai, and its branches are in different states, including Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, etc.

#3. ACC Cement

ACC Cement
ACC is one of the most trusted and oldest cement companies in India. It was established in 1936. The best cement grade for house construction companies is well known for providing high-quality cement all across India. 

The company has about 75 Ready Mix Concrete plants and 17 cement factories nationwide. ACC won the “The Third fastest growing Company” award in 2018. Whether it is about awareness or environmental safety, the company takes care of the different aspects very carefully.

#4. Shree Cement

Shree Cement

Shree Cement is another best cement for construction in 2024. This cement company currently has about ten cement plants in the Eastern and northern parts of India.

Shree Cement currently provides more than 37.9 million tons of cement annually, which is quite enough to explain its reliability. It is the leading cement company in northern India in the share market.

The company won the award for Energy Conservation in 2017 by the Rajasthan government and also has been ranked 4th in the Responsible Business ranking by IIM Udaipur. 

#5. Ramco Cement

Ramco Cement

Ramco Cement is another best cement for concrete in 2024. It is a Chennai-based company that was formerly known as Madras Cements. 

Ramco offers different types of cement, including Larger Portland Cement, Ready Mix Concrete, and Dry Mortar. It is one of India’s most reliable and popular cement brands, especially in the South Region.

#6. Birla Cement

Birla Cement

Established in 1919, Birla Cement is one of India’s top cement companies. The company has witnessed massive growth during the tenure of the late Mr. Madhav Prasad Birla. 

This cement company was primarily engaged in manufacturing cement and has gained massive growth in the field of jute goods as well. The company produces one of the best cement for houses in India. 

It is one of India’s most reliable cement companies, generates a revenue of about 6778 Cr per year, and produces about 15.5 MTPA. 

#7. The India Cements Limited

The India Cements Limited

Established in 1946, India Cements Limited will be another leading cement company in 2024. Sri Sankaralinga Iyer and Sri Narayanswami established the company to fulfill their dreams and build an enduring relationship and future.

It is one of the leading companies in India that generates a revenue of about 5770 cr per year. The company currently has more than 4300 employees at this moment. 

India Cements Limited is well known for producing different types of high-quality cement through 8 integrated cement plants in other states, including Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.

#8. Dalmia Bharat Ltd

Dalmia Bharat Cements Ltd

The Dalmia Bharat Limited Cement Company manufacturer is another leading Indian-based cement company producing about 9 million tons per annum. The company is currently serving as the top manufacturing cement plant in the southern regions of Tamilnadu. 

It is one of the top cement companies in India that generates about 9642 cr per annum of revenue per annum. This company’s share market rate is about 5.5%, with 5634 employees in different branches.

It is a multi-spectrum cement player known for providing super specialist cement usually used in oil wells, railway sleepers, and airstrips. The company has already gained a lot of recognition through different rewards.

#9. JSW Cement

JSW Cement

JSW Cement is another best cement brand in india in 2024 that gained immense popularity in just a few years of its establishment. The company was established in 2009, and its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

JSW Cement provides different types of high-quality cement to its customers. The company has gained massive growth in OPC, GGBS, and HD Cement products.

It is one of the leading eco-friendly cement companies in the world that offers a wide range of cement options with a cement capacity of about 21 MTPA. This cement company has won the trust and credibility of millions of users all across the nation.

The cement company has already gained much recognition through different awards, which is quite enough to describe its credibility.


So, Guys! These are one of India’s leading cement companies that will offer high-quality types of cement in 2024. Making a selection of the best cement for construction in India in 2024 is a tricky task.

One needs to get complete information from the right resources and be aware of the different types of cement available. 

India is one of the most popular countries in the world and is currently witnessing a huge number of constructions. Using the perfect material for the structure helps build solid foundations and leads the nation toward development.

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