The practice of Vaastu Shastra was first documented in the Vedas, an ancient Sanskrit text of India. It has been used for thousands of years to create harmony between the human soul and the environment. It is not just about aesthetics, but also about health and well being. Vaastu Shastra is very much applicable to our modern world and its needs.

Vaastu is a science that teaches us how to live harmoniously with the environment, both in the physical and spiritual realm.

It is said that each house has an inherent energy. This energy is called Vastu, and is said to be present in every part of the house. It’s said that the house has two main types of energies; good and bad. The good energy is called Shukra, while the bad energy is called Rakta. The positive energy is said to be generated by the good elements, and is called Sattva.

We all know that our homes reflect our personal outlook on life. As such, it is important to bring the right amount of positivity and good vibes into your home. Here is the list of the best vastu tips for house construction in 2024 that you must consider.

Does Vastu Really Matter?

Vastu is the science of Feng Shui. It’s a set of ancient rules based on geometry and physics that govern the placement of objects, buildings, and people to ensure their success. It is also an excellent way to improve your life.

When you make your home a safe, joyful, and happy place to live in, you also invite more of the same into your life. You will begin to feel more joyful and abundant yourself, which will naturally attract more of the same.

The Benefits of Vastu Shastra for House Construction

Vasthu Ideas For Home

Vaastu Shastra is a system of Indianarchitecture that promotes a harmonious relationship between people and their surroundings. It aims to improve the health and happiness of people by aligning them with the cosmic order. It has a holistic approach and is based on the principle that all things in the universe are connected. The basic premise is that we need to establish a balance between the positive and negative energy in our environment.

It deals with the alignment of spaces and their effect on people’s lives. The science of Vaastu Shastra is based on the Indian Vedic culture and its philosophy. It focuses on the influence of the planets and their energies on human life. The art of Vaastu Shastra is the art of living. It teaches us how to live and enjoy the life with all the benefits that it brings to us.

The vaastu method was developed thousands of years ago by the Vedic sages to help people live harmoniously with the natural world. It’s a simple, yet powerful way of looking at life that helps us to be more conscious of the energy that flows through our bodies and our surroundings.

Five Important Vastu Tips For New House

1. Vastu for the Main Entrance: Doorway

The doorway is the first place people see when entering a house. A lot of people believe that it is the gateway to the house, but it can also have an effect on the rest of the house, especially if it is poorly aligned. A properly aligned doorway can bring peace and serenity to the home and its occupants.

A house has a front door, a back door and a garage. The main door to your home should be the one that leads you to your front door. The main door should face the north, east or north east direction.

2. Vastu for the Meditation Room: Spirituality

Meditation helps one to relax and calm down. The walls should be painted white or a light yellow colour so that the room is soothing to the eyes.

The east or north east part of your home is perfect for meditation, yoga and other spiritual pursuits. Facing east when you meditate will increase positivity.

3. Vastu for the Living Room: Social

Vastu is a way of ensuring that your home is in balance with nature. Vastu for the living room is the most important aspect to consider because it has a direct impact on your overall well-being.

The living room should face east, north or north east.

Lighting is a major consideration when choosing the direction for your furniture. It is a common mistake to place a sofa or armchair in the northeast corner of the living room.

4. Vastu for the Courtyard: Cosmic Centre of the Home

In India, a vast majority of houses have a courtyard. I love this idea of creating a space that is central to the house, especially in a tropical climate where it is important to have a courtyard. This is the perfect space for you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while you relax in the shade.

The placement of a kitchen, bathroom or a pillar/beam attracts negative energy.

5. Vastu for the Bedroom: Bedroom

Sometimes, the smallest things can turn your fortunes around. Vastu Shastra tips for house shows you how tweaking your bedroom can enhance positive energy and even improve relations between couples.

As per Vastu, paint your bedroom walls in neutral or earthy shades as it radiates positive energy. Avoid painting your walls black. 

Ideally, the bedroom in a south west direction brings good health and prosperity. Avoid a bedroom in the north east or south east zone of the house as the former may cause health issues, while a bedroom placed in the latter direction may cause quarrels among couples.


We are living in the age of technology where we have access to information on every aspect of life. But many of us still do not have a clear understanding of the laws of nature and how to use them in our daily lives.

To ensure that the structure of the room is in alignment with the positive energy of the cosmos, it is most important to commence the construction in accordance to right vastu for home construction. This means that the room should be in its final form, with no structural violations at the start of the construction.

A lot of people are asking about the best day to start a home improvement project, or any type of project, in fact many are looking for tips for vastu shastra for new house. Here in the above articles, you will get to know vastu shastra rules which makes it easier for you to build a house accordingly.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Master bedroom vastu requirements are as follows.

  • It should be in the south west corner of the house.
  • It should be in the west facing direction.
  • It should be in the south east corner of the house.
  • It should be in the south east direction.
  • It should be in the north east corner of the house.

When designing your bedroom, it's important to take the vastu for bedroom directions into consideration. Vastu for bedroom directions can be helpful in keeping a safe and peaceful environment.

The most auspicious - East, North and Northeast. Vastu prescribes the East, North and Northeast as the most favourable directions that your house should face. However, there's more to it than just blindly setting the house to face one of these directions.

The main door should always be in the north, north east, east, or west, as these directions are considered auspicious. Avoid having the main door in the south, south west, north west (north side), or south east (east side) directions. A door in the south or south west, can be corrected by using a lead metal pyramid and lead helix.

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